"Art washes away 
from the soul
the dust
of everyday life."

~ Pablo Picasso

Frequently Asked Questions about our Featured Art

Who is behind the incredible mural & super cool gallery art?

Bluebird Designs by Bex was commissioned to paint the mural on the back side of the building.  She also designed our logos, and we feature her prints and a few original paintings.  See the mural from start to finish HERE on her YouTube channel (with sound) or scroll below.  

Is the artwork for sale?

Well there are prices listed on the stickers below each piece... so you betcha!   You may also order art directly from Bex on her online store.  Click HERE to check it out.   

Will you feature other artists?

No.  Bex is our girl.  She'd cut us if we cheated on her.  Now if you'd like to paint with her, we do offer paint classes usually once a month.  She will most likely not cut you.  

The Creation of the Mural

I Feel Pretty, Oh so Pretty...

The mural was painted to help bring something new and pretty to the town.  We wanted something colorful, yet original.  Rebecca Reck of Bluebird Designs was commissioned to do the piece.  We discussed a few ideas and she took over from there.  It turned out 1,000 times better than I could have EVER imagined.