Our Story

The History of Jenkies Joint

New Years Eve, 2017

An Idea...

On a night when hopes and dreams are discussed and the white canvas of a new year is put before us, there was talk about Eric sharing his chef skills with the world.  A friend mentioned an abandoned laundromat for sale.  God planted a seed.

Feb-Nov 2018

The Buy 
The Boys 
The Buildout

Things moved quickly as we bought the laundromat, gutted it, and began to buildout.  Family and friends offered loving support.  We installed a new roof, insulation, electrical wires, plumbing, drainage, and fixtures.  We designed the interior with reclaimed barn wood and tin.  It took blood, sweat, and maybe even a few tears. 
I mean... there was blood after all.   

 December 2018

Jenkies Joint is Open!

With all the excitement that Opening Day should bring, Jenkies Joint officially opens just in time for winter break.  

January 2019

Pick Up Window Gets a Sign

 Jenkies Joint is a great place to grab and go.  We have bagged ice, a variety of beverages, and made fresh food!  You don't even need to get out of the car (like when it's super hot, snowy, rainy, windy, damp, humid, chilly, or any of the other weather types we get in central PA).  Running late?  Call while you're on your way and we'll get you moving.

March 2019

Community Improvement Award
Community Spirit Category

The Huntingdon County Planning Commission awarded this because bringing coffee, laundry services, and art to Orbisonia meets many needs and wants of our citizens and can make our area more attractive to people wanting to relocate.

April 2019

Our 1st Full Service Order  

We don't just have self-service machines.  We will actually wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you if you wish...  Bed & Breakfasts, school groups, and folks wanting their winter bedding washed deeply have all benefitted from our affordable full service options.  Want to do it yourself?  You should know that Jenkies Joint has 4 single load stackable washers/dryers, 1 ADA accessible dryer, and 1 triple load washer and dryer. We have change and detergent available only during our typical coffee shop hours.  So please come prepared.  

May 2019

HCBI 2019
Business Adventure Award 

Here we thought we were just going to the Huntingdon County Business & Industry Gala to network and enjoy some good Juniata College food... We were completely surprised by this very special award.  It sure has been an adventure!